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Replacement Belt for Poulan Pro

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I have a Poulan Pro model PB22H46YT and am trying to order a replacement mower deck belt. I looked up the belt using the parts manual and got 405143 as the correct part number but according to the decal under the hood it says the part number is 197253. If that isn't confusing enough there is quite a difference in prices between the belts. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Which source would you trust the parts manual or the sticker on the mower?
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Welcome to the site, ekfam.

Hmm, does the belt that is currently on the machine now have a part # still legible on it? If so and it were me, I would order that part # just to play safe and know that what I'm getting is going to work.

Perhaps the two different part numbers though are for the same size belt, but listed under different belt manufactures which might explain the cost difference? I don't know, if I had to choose one I'd probably go with the one listed on the tractor itself. Hope this helps some!
I tried to look on the current belt and couldn't see any obvious part number. I did a little more research and it looks like the belts are different sized, one that says it fits 42" decks (part number on tractor) and one that fits 46" decks (part number found in manual). My tractor is a 46" so that is the one I will most likely try. Still don't understand the discrepancy in part numbers but I will have to look into it more. Thanks for the help.
It could be that your tractor originally had a 42" deck and someone put a larger deck on from another model that fit. generally when I need a belt I will take the old belt to the local hardware store and measure it on thier scales to get the correct length.
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