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Replace Speed Control Cable on Toro 20465

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Hi all....great forum. Glad I found it!

Yesterday afternoon I went to shift to neutral on our 1997 Super Recycler model 20465. The speed selector handle broke...I'm now stuck in speed 1. [the handle itself is still in place, but seems to have broken from the just swings from N->3 w/o doing anything]

It looks like part 76-2712 "Control-Speed, Ground" is my replacement part. Any ideas on how to replace that? The whole housing and cable come as one unit....not sure how to popout the housing from the whole handlebar housing nor how the other end attaches to the transmission housing. Is this complex enough that a pro should handle it?

Any ideas, input, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Note: this is the part (hopefully link works): RCPW Image Browser: CONTROL-SPEED, GROUND :: 76-2712
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Bump to see if this shows up in the new posts list now.

:welcome: foghat! If memory serves those controls sort of snap into the panel. I don't think they are too difficult to replace. The tricky part might be if it needs any adjustment after installation. There are links to servicing manuals for Toro drive systems here in the forum. I'll see if I can find them for you. :)
Here's a link to the Toro drive servicing manual: Lawn-Boy Walk Behind Power Mower Drive Systems Manual.pdf

Might want to go ahead and down load the manual for future reference as the links to them tend to disappear over time.

Actually by looking at page 133 (section 7-13) there is no adjustment supposed to be needed for the cables on the 3-speed transmissions.

Page 65 (section 4-1) starts the three speed transmission section.
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