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Have a question,

I need to trim trees and want to remove some bushes & don't have a truck.

Found out I was only 3 blocks from the city dump site.

I'd like to use my deere lawn tractor with a cart to haul the branches to the dump. My question is can my mower handle this job? & if so what do i need to do the mower.

I've looked at the manual and there is no mention of towing.

I have a Deere LTR166 Tractor. It looks like there is a hitch covered by the grass collector.

Is this a hitch or just a latch?

Then I guess.. I'd need to remove the grass collector?

Any ideas? or is this a bad idea?? Thanks

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I don't think you would have any problem towing a small cart with that. It actually has a little heavier transmission then my LT150. I was looking at the exploded view on John Deere parts website and it's hard to tell for sure but it does look like under the grass catcher there might be a hitch just like on the side discharge models. Looks like they might have changed the gas tank design from my model to yours to allow room for the grass discharge out the back but otherwise used the same basic frame setup.

Edit: I also noted they pulled the drive belt using an additional idler over to one side on the frame rails to allow room for the grass discharge chute to pass through above the transmission. My drive belt runs along both side frame rails. Kind of interesting comparing the two and how they are a little different to accommodate the rear discharge deck.
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