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Reel Mower Appreciation

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Anyone still have one of these in the shed? I have one but rarley use it. Its murder on the hills. not the up but more the down! ha! There is still somthing nice about using it from time to time as its quite and it always works.
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My son has one that he thought was going to be a nice idea. Until he realized that it was usually hot and miserable when it was time to mow! The reel mowers, both motorized and not, sure do give a nice cut, though.
I have used a few, and when its a good mower, and sharp, and well maintaned, its a joy to mow with!! If one of those are missing, its the biggest chore this side of busting rocks with a sledge!
I have heard and read .. that reel mowers give the best cut .. especially when sharp .. they CUT the grass cleanly, rather then rip it like most blades do ..
I don't CUT the grass--I bludgeon it to death!! One day I should sharpen that blade....
I don't have one (yet) though I would like to have one just to have one.
Bawahahaha. This was the type of mower our family used when we first arrived in Canada. Good times man, good times.
I don't CUT the grass--I bludgeon it to death!! One day I should sharpen that blade....
Haha. Kind of like mine.
Sharpening a reel mower takes a special kind of skill. I haven't used one since I was a kid... long time ago.
I have an Excello from the early 1950s that I enjoy using. Reel type and it is a blast.
When my mom and I first moved into my great grandma's house after she passed away we found an old reel mower in her shed. I used it the first time I ever mowed grass. I had a heck of a time trying to push it. I just recently bought a Scott's Classic 20 in. reel mower off craigslist that was barely used. I only plan on using it on my grandma's yards as she doesn't have very much to mow and it's difficult for me to lug the gas mower in the trunk of my car. It had a nice clean cut on a section of my backyard.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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