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Rear differential Question

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Hey everyone, I'm and Ag Engineering student looking for a set up for a design project. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with trying to find a lightweight rear posi-lock differential. Ive been told that some models of Deere lawn tractors use that set up? Im open to any ideas, and if anyone has any old lawn mowers with(or) locking differentials I would be extremely serious about buying them if they would work for my application. Thanks!

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Welcome to the site, brady!

Your project sounds really neat! It would be fun to hear more about it!

You're right, some of the later model 'Deeres such as the larger model X series do have locking rear diffs. You might be able to find a complete rear end assembly on Ebay that is used as buying a new one would be quite costly.

I would personally join a lawnmower racing/modification type forum as honestly, they will have more knowledge and background relating to this type of project. I would think there would be some different options out there in the way of either modifying, or buying an aftermarket unit designed for a project like this.

Here would be a great place to start to get some ideas or ask questions:
Forum section:

Keep us updated,

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Hi Brady,
Have you asked around at some of your local Deere dealers or places that repair mowers and such? Maybe they could hook you up with what you're looking for. I know there's a small engine repair shop near where I live that has a back yard full of stuff, and they can be talked out of pretty much anything that they're not going to repair and resell themselves.
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