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... I came across a Craftsman II I/C Gold 12.5 hp 6 speed riding lawn mower on the property I live on, it has clearly been sitting out in the weather all winter, when I lifted the hood, the engin looks pretty decent. But the gas & oil is empty. I was wondering what do I need to do before starting, or attemping to start? I do not want to do any damage to it?
Any advice or sugestion is WELCOME!!

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Hello and welcome to the site! :)

If it were my machine, I would do a basic tune-up on it before attempting to start it. That would consist of draining whatever oil is left and filling it with fresh, installing a fresh sparkplug and an air filter (if it needs it) and confirming the gas tank is clean inside before putting fresh fuel in it. Speaking of fuel, a new fuel filter might not be a bad idea either.

Since you say that it's been sitting a while, I might also squirt a few small pumps of oil into the cylinder and turn the engine over with my hand a few times before attempting to start it.

From there, charge or replace the battery and see if it goes! :cool:
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