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i recently picked up an old push mower that was out for garbage pickup...the only info on the mower was turflite 18...looks like a 3 hp briggs...of course just an 18 inch does start and it's not in bad shape...any idea who made this mower ? guess would be like a big box store sort of a mower...

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Not much Here: will this help?
Here is some of the Huffy connection.

TURFLITE Brand - FindOwnerSearch

TURFLITE Huffy Corporation Miamisburg OH 45342



Huffman added a lawnmower division in 1949 to help

offset the effects of the post World War II recession. The

division was sold in the late 1970s. During the 1980s and

1990s, the company acquired and sold manufacturers of car

seats, strollers and garden tools.

The second development occurred as a result of the company's

search for a product that could be manufactured during the

winter months. The decision to produce lawnmowers was

announced in December 1949.

As a result, the company quickly outgrew its physical

plants, and in the early 1950s Huffman acquired a building

in Delphos, Ohio, and moved the Automotive Service Equipment

division to that location. New facilities were built in

Celina, Ohio, to house the bicycle and lawnmower divisions.

The Dayton manufacturing plant on Gilbert Avenue was closed

and the general offices were moved to Davis Avenue.
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