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Pulley, Bearing, shaft problems!!!

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I have a case 446 lawn tractor that i just replaced a bearing on...the main drive pulley. After assembling new bearing and keying properly, the parts still move down the shaft. HELP! I'm thinking i did something wrong
with this assembly and have tried several attempts to make it right.

Anyone have an idea to try? Or is there a pulley diagram available?

Thanks in advance for any help.:confused:
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There are a couple of Case gents on our forum. One of them should be along and be able to clear up your dilemma. Good Luck!
Thanks Brad for your encouragement. I am frustrated since i have worked on pulley's, shafts, bearings before...just don't know what i have done wrong to cause this assembly to slip!! I am sure there must be a diagram of how the entirety is assembled. Some of the parts i refer to are: 2 bearings brand new, 1 snap ring, 6 flat washers, the shaft, the sleeve, and the case. Some of these are exact, one-way fits..which adds to my confusion. I wish i had paid closer attention while disassembling in the first place.
Might dig around in the "Files section" of the links below and see if there are some pictures there that might help.

Case and Ingersoll Garden Tractors

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