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Proud new Wheel Horse owner

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This is my first riding mower, if you don't count the Sears Craftsman I found by the curb several years ago that I put back by the curb a few weeks later, it's a 1991 Toro Wheel Horse 212-5. I enjoy restoring motorized vehicles and I just finished restoring a 1984 Yamaha FJ1100 so I was looking for a new challenge, I found it. I bought this mower off of Craigslist in Ellenboro, NC for $70. It has the Onan 12.5 hp E125V engine. I got it running on day two, after an extensive carburetor cleaning (kerosene, brake cleaner and boil). It runs surprising good, no smoke and it even moved forward and backward under it's own power. It has considerable corrosion but no holes and everything looks like it will clean up. I plan on a frame off restoration.

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Welcome to the group SkyFive. Your FJ110 is gorgeous! Give yourself one big pat on the back. Your work is fantastic. I checked out your photobucket thread. Not quite sure how the Aussie with the sheep fit into your rebuild, but you sure did a great job on the Yamaha. Have you entered it into any shows? I know just what you mean about rebuilding something and making it look and run like new again.

Oh yeah, look forward to seeing the Wheel Horse too.
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