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Proline 52" 30436 starting issues

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I am new here and it looks like a great place for info so here we go. Last week the drive belt slipped off and shredded and at the same time I lost the function to start with key. I was able to get belt back on and pull to get to a place to work on it. I replace the belt and she started up with a pull (still no key and battery dead) and about 30 minutes into the cut it died. Now I cannot even pull to start. I did verify the carb is clean and will check spark tonight. Some other quick troubleshooting shows if I charge battery I do get good voltage until I turn the key. At first click voltage goes to zero and at start nothing either. Another observation made was when I got it running and engaged blade it immediately died until I jiggled the key a bit. I am small engine friendly but this unit has some sensors that I am unaware of.

Any ideas would be very helpful
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Hello, Tony and welcome to MLMF !!

Jeeze, from your own detective work and observations it seems two problems going on at the same time (?) There are wiser folks who are members here (than me) but I would conclude:

For sure a connectrion and ground problem with you ignition switch. Either internally, in the switch or at it's wire connectors...Perhaps other connections too. Ground to frame, postitve and/or negative battery cables corroded under the insulation and, quite possible, inop stater-alternator. A fully charged battery and, if it will start, should read 13-6+ DC with a volt-ohm meter @ the positive battery terminal.

The shredded belt may be from a small stick ingested at, or near your tensioner pulley, pulley bent and misaligned or the tensioner itself, lacking lubrication and attempting to seaze.

Let us know what you find with your ongoing investigation...

Mark, thanks for the reply. Yea I do agree looks like 2 issues hit close together. I plan on giving it a good cleaning and getting it in the garage to start following groundingand wiring in general. The switch itself has been a bit terminental so I will start there and work my way down. I hate to pay the local service center for stuff like this :)
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