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Second to last time I mowed using my PP 20017 it started making a loud clicking/chattering noise when I engaged the drive and would not move forward. Can't tell if the belt is slipping to make this happen or if I have bigger problems.

Anyone have a suggestion on where to start outside of me just starting to disassemble and inspect every piece of the transmission and drivetrain pieces?


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I am going to guess that there is a key in the axle that makes the wheels turn. That might be the problem. Other than that, I would suggest going to, look up the parts diagram for your mowers transmission and see what you can come up with by looking at that. It might be something pretty simple that just came loose and needs a key or pin to resecure it to return to normal operations. Please keep us informed.

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We just had one of those come in this week with the same complaint....

The gear box on mine is getting pretty whiny after the better part of 10 years. It still works fine otherwise. I've been thinking of opening it up and repacking it with lubricant to see if that helped any.

Any recommendations as to what type of oil or grease to refill it with?

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This is from a service note in shop:

"SUBJECT: Self-propelled system locks up or does not work properly. If pushed the wheels will not roll. (may be accompanied by grinding or clicking)

SITUATION: Inadequate lubrication results in the key or drive pinion sticking.
CORRECTION: Remove the drive wheel, clip ring, thrust washer, pinion, key and spring. Clean any lubricant or rust from the parts. Lubricate generously with anti-seize and reassemble.
Note: More information regarding the service of this drive system is in the Walk Power Mower Drive Systems Service Manual, Form #492-4733.

Beginning in April of 2002 Toro began making changes in their production process to ensure proper lubrication. This was done in several steps, each has improved the situation. Please remind your customers that lubrication of the wheel pinion clutch is part of normal maintenance and is covered in the owner's manual. Three to four drops of engine oil on each side of the pinion is required every 25 hours, or at least once a year.

parts for this unit can be looked up at
good luck
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