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I am having issues with a Bolens QT17 riding mower. When I flip the PTO switch to the on position the light comes on but the drive attachment does not engage. I checked the wiring and there is power going to the electric clutch. How can I check if the electric clutch is still functioning? Based on the issues am I looking in the right area, any suggestions would be very helpful!

Thank you


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Welcome Josh! :howdy:

Since your measuring voltage going into the clutch but yet it is not engaging that pretty much guarantees the clutch is bad. Here's a pdf that tells how to do some troubleshooting on the clutches. You might get lucky and maybe it will only need adjustment.

Note this is for a Warner Clutch. Off hand I'm not sure if that is the manufacture of the clutch you have. But the basic operation should be the same.

You can probably find a manual for that tractor here:

Bolens "Q" Series Garden Tractor
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