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Problem with Exmark 48" mower deck

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I have a Exmark Lazer Z HP with a 48" mower deck. It is an older one purchased new in June, 2003 but only has 301 hours on it and looks like new. It is the heavy duty commercial model with a heavy welded deck. Since day one, I have had problems with the mower deck clogging up with grass. I can tell from the sound of the deck when it is clogging up and it also leaves a narrow strip of uncut grass that lines up with the space between the two left blades opposite the exit chute. If I disengage the blade drive large chunks of grass will drop down and kick out. When I reengage the drive it leaves a large pile of grass in the yard. I can do this several times before it doesn't do much good anymore. Then I have to drive the mower up on a set of ramps, roll around on the ground with a putty knife and clean out as much as I can and then use a power washer to get the rest. I mow about one acre and the last time I had to go through this whole process twice to complete my yard.

The grass itself was dry but did have a high moisture content due to a recent rain. I have tried everything in an attempt to avoid the grass building up under the deck. Mow slower, mow faster, new blades and etc to no avail.

I can't imagine how anyone could put up with this problem in a commercial use situation. I literally spend more time cleaning out the mower deck than I do actually mowing.

I have contacted Exmark but they haven't even taken the time to respond to my inquiry.

Any ideas out there as to what I can do to reduce/eliminate the problem?

Thank You
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Welcome to the site!

Hmm, those things definitely would be fustrating. That was a good idea contacting the company about the issue. I would try following up by phone and see if you can speak with a live person about it.

I see that you mentioned that you tried new blades. Have you by chance tried a different style of blade, one that's designed to give a slightly different cut?
That is just the way it is with even the slightest moisture , I mow commercially and we have days that we need to clean our deck between every lawn or half way through one . We have our trailer ramp which makes cleaning easier. To help a little turn your deck over and sand it as smooth as you can ... a palm sander works great , then coat it gererously with SPAM non stick cooking spray ... it is not 100% but it does help.
I would use a silicon spray or something similar like "Mo-Deck". It will help for sure. Since you seem to have tried everything else.
Silicone spray works great, but you might want to de-rust and repaint the deck first, so as to get a fresh start.
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