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Thx much in advance, new to the forum and tried searching. I have a Poulan Ride Along Mower with a 15hp XL/C OHV Tecumseh motor by Briggs and Stratton. The 42" cut model - Model 263-011, Serial #050499C003154, MFG HDT1542A.

This motor is super clean and never gave me a problem. the other day it was spitting a little grey smoke out of the exhaust. I checked the oil and it seemed low....when i added more i must have overfilled it.

Upon startign the engine it started chocking on oil, oil came out of the exhause and a heavy smoke/burning oil smell. The engine would not start. I drained the oil, fille dit to a good level, changed the plug, sprayed brake cleaner into the top of the carb through air cleaner and removed/cleaned the bottom of the carb by the float. I cannot remove the entire carb becuase you need the special scrwedriver to remove the threaded anchro rods that hold the carb in place.

The motor started up again and was running fine. Cut half the grass and washed off the blades, upon restarting the following occurs.

1. Motor starts right up and runds fine - no spitting or revving issues
2. Upon engaging the balds -or- trying to put the tractor in gear the motor dies. I tried messign with the choke but the motor instantly dies when you call for power....

Can anyone help? I have 3 acres to cut and i am ded without my money to bring it to a repair facility. I tried looking in my manual but that jsut tells me to go to a service center.
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