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Possible identification

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Hey everyone! I’m not super familiar with all the different models of lawnboy mowers. Was hoping maybe someone would be able to give me a rough idea as to a possible model number so I can find a pic of what it is supposed to look like. Seems like I see a plastic chute and a spot for a possible grass catcher to go but not real sure.

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Well not an expert on the newer Lawnboys but from the picture you can tell it's an aluminum deck, not personal pace so probably a three speed. I looked at the picture thread on MTF and could not fins a match and it goes from 2002 back so appears to be newer than that. Model number sticker should be under the control panel. Bill
I sent seller a message Friday asking if he could locate a grass catcher bag for either of them, the lawnboy and the older John Deere underneath. Then I realized the lawnboy is probably supposed to have a plug so you can take the black chute off and plug the hole. He was supposed to do some looking, but haven’t heard from him since. I did some image searches trying to match what the engine looks like and find one close but haven’t had any luck with the engine and the control panel both on the same mower.
Once you get the model check back in here. I have been in contact with a guy that I bought a bunch of parts from and he has a bunch of bags and kits available really reasonable. He may have something for this mower. Bill
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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