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Please help asap

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So, I had to take the motor out of my 42" MTD, the motor is a 16.5HP Briggs and stratton. I have everything else hooked up correctly except for ONE PLUG. This plug comes from the main wiring harness, and there is a plug with 2 connections in it. One connection is gray, goes back to the wiring harness, the other one is black and gets grounded on the starter. Can someone tell me where the PLUG itself goes?

cliffnotes- plug with ground from starter going to it where does that 2 hole plug plug in?
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Newbie input

I'm a newbie with small engines and mowers, just a couple thoughts, did you put the same motor back in or change the size, could the plug go to the headlights, solenoid, safety switch, ign. switch, toggle switch, inline fuse or relay. Wish I could help, just throwing some ideas out there. There seems to be some good mechs. on here. Good luck
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