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Overwhelmed by Truck Brake Choices, +Wheels

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I own a Nissan Frontier, First time Truck owner. So I went to Rock Auto Parts and so many choices low, med, better and high performance?
I realize and try and get better than low quality (on all former cars I have worked on) but what makes the big difference from med and high grade brakes( drilling? coated to prevent rust. Tolerances? ) What about the wear process? any tips or advice appreciated! THX
Not to mention tire choices! (Looking for good all season 95% Road Quiet) :crazy::scratch:
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I shop at RockAuto for most parts when time is not an issue and love there prices. I would suggest going with either the OEM parts or well known replacement parts you have confidence in, never buy the economy brand. Bought economy brand half shaft for a subaru impreza and had to replace in 12 months, That stunk, here I had to do all of the work again just because I wanted to save $40.00.
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Yeah, I've had terrible luck with economy brake pads. They're often from India or China and don't fit well. Had to grind the end tabs once! I've had great luck with Akebono pads, which are US made and high quality.
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