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oversize tires

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Have a 34K and would like to put some super lug tires on it. Climbs slopes fine, but a little side hill and it sideways - even on dry ground.
Problem is I can only find them in 18x9.50. Have 18x7.50 on now.
Anyone know if they'll fit?
Cut foreclosed houses for banks, could care less if they scar the lawn a little. Traction in the key for me.
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Can't say that I've ever used an aggressive tire like that as the turf tires on the Deere have always been sufficient. Any slopes higher than what I can climb I just avoid. Seen too many roll over accidents. Maybe someone will chime in with some info for you.
Thanks for the input 5. Because of physical limitations - I've got to cut as much as possible on the ZT, very limited hand work for me. So that extra 3' of slope, I've got to go for it.
My question is really about oversize tires (2" wider) and if anyone has had issues with standard rims, mower clearance, etc.
Have you ever thought about adding dual wheels to rear of your garden tractor? I have driven more modern Ventrac 4100 and 4200's with duals and they are incredible on slopes. I am not sure which mower you have, but I am sure that you can adapt at least one side in the rear to run dual wheels. You would have far more stability and traction then with a tire which is just 2" wider. In fact the tire will not even be 2" wider, because the rim size is going to stay the same. The tire may only be 1" wider on the same rim!

Thanks Chris. Saw what you were talking about on the Ventrac site. Looks like a mountain climber. Might be too pricey a setup for me.

Another question I guess I have is if an 8"/4 hole rim fits all 8" tires ??
If they are 9.50 vs 7.50 - do they just extend an extra inch on each side?
Need to get through 36" gates, too.
Check here:
Lawn/Garden Tires - m. e. MILLER tire

Miller tire has a very good selection of tires, and even lists outside diameters and overall widths of each individual tire they sell on the rim that they are designed to fit. I hope that helps some in your search. Judging by the size tire you list, you also should be able to find rim mounted weights which you can add. Even if you can bolt on a 30lb slug of steel to each rear rim, I think that your mowing experience will be much better!

Thanks Chris, that's a good site. Ken Jones Tire is another. They have a bunch of videos on YouTube.
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