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over hauling john deere lt 150

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to start out with is i have no spark: I spent some money to try to get it running again replaced: seatswitch, pto switch, clutch switch and reverse overide switch, solenoid, new battery, spark plug, start switch. put on a new ignition module.

i got fuel, and good compression
I have 12 volts going to the solenoid from the battery then the purple wire back to the start switch. the fusible link checks out good,

well i cant put everthing on the page i have done so any thoughts would be appreciated thanks:howdy:
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I wonder if your switch is bad (key switch) When you turn the key, what happens? Engine turn over?
Hello and welcome to MLF!

Have you checked the coil and make sure its not getting grounded? And is the coil getting voltage from the module?
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