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One or both?

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I have a Harmony HRM 215 SXA model# MZBB 6042129.
Drive wheels-should both be powering the mower forward?
I can grip the left wheel and stop it, but not the right wheel when handle is pulled to activate the drive.
This was a freebee mower and I am debating about any money to spend on it. Starts and runs good after a carb cleaning, but the drive seems funky.
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Yup, body as in deck. Deck is plastic tho no welding that stuff.
May need to get creative with angle iron on this one.
Yup, sheet metal, angle iron and pop rivets and nuts and bolts and zip ties..can't forget zip ties ;)
Let us know how your "fix" works out. There seems to be more of the 215 series of Harmony mowers showing up on places like Craig's List around my neck of the woods.
Will do when I get back to it. Hope to have pics too.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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