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One or both?

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I have a Harmony HRM 215 SXA model# MZBB 6042129.
Drive wheels-should both be powering the mower forward?
I can grip the left wheel and stop it, but not the right wheel when handle is pulled to activate the drive.
This was a freebee mower and I am debating about any money to spend on it. Starts and runs good after a carb cleaning, but the drive seems funky.
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The wheel might be stripped where the gear engages it would be a guess, There is a couple of sharp Honda guys here that could tell you right off the bat.
Here is a parts diagram of the rear wheels where you can see the geared wheels. Hope this helps!
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Maybe it s a "limited slip" feature so you can turn the mower without having direct drive to the wheels in a turn so you don't strip the wheel gear,
This is only an assumption as I am not familiar with these Honda's. I don't want to mislead you.
Looks like by this pic of your tranny, there may be something like that going on, I just can't find an exploded view of the tranny at this time to see how its set up.

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Did you check that, maybe it sheared or worn down and just friction is turning the wheel until you hold it and create resistance??

Looks like the new trannys run @$140 +- :(
Not a bad idea, I have a craftsman I picked up for $5, rebuilt the carb and runs fine but has a drive issue. Keeping it to mow the chicken run.
Thanks B1, I'm a little smarter today! :)
Bummer...sorry to hear about that. Maybe a good welding project for the winter mower break?......Body as in deck?:dunno:
Yup, sheet metal, angle iron and pop rivets and nuts and bolts and zip ties..can't forget zip ties ;)
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