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Greetings from the state of confusion ... California. Did not see how to post so will use this reply route to introduce myself AND ASK FOR HELP to be sure about a contemplated mower purchse.

Just joined this interesting Forum. Our 6.75 (torque or HP?) 21 inch Craftsman push mower died from internal engine CONFUSION :) lots of noise and ever this old aircraft mechanic could not revive it. Not sure when it was purchased, perhaps 1998? Has been good on our large lawn areas.

I want to get a nice 21 push mower for our daughter to use. Even though I am on WW2 Disabled Veteran Pension, we can swing the purchase of a Honda. Below is the model which fits our budget. Please comment as to whether or not it is a wise choice. I will wait for an answer before sending the order in.

I found the price fitting our budget here. Is this a good one and is there any other purchase source with better prices?
Model Number HRR2168PKA
Free shipping $395.99 + Shipping Insurance +$14.91

Thanks and appreciation,

114 acre N. Sacramento Valley farm since 1942
As I say: "Came in 1942, never made enough money to leave". But I am the type whose tent, once pitched, stays pitched.

Came from my old home town of San Francisco. Uncle Sam kept me busy as a WW2 Army Tank Commander/Squad leader at the shy farm boy age 18. Was no longer shy when "they" started shooting at me and my crew of four. A long time ago with memories which bring a tinge of tears when remembering the youthful but manly men who died.

Your help will REALLY BE APPRECIATED by this "old man" (85 this March 19th).
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Welcome to the forum, theoldfarmer! Nice to have you here.

We have got some real Honda experts amongst our group so they should be able to give you the info you desire.

Thanks for sharing a bit about your background. Very interesting, and thank-you for your service! Enjoy the forum.
Hi OldFarmer. Happy belated birthday! I want to thank you for your service as well.

I believe you would be very happy with your choice. The engine on that mower is without a doubt a good one that's been around for a good long time. I've not had experience with their auto choke system, so I can't comment on it. I have used a self propelled version, and all of it's design features, mulch, bag and discharge worked very well.

Price wise, the price you mentioned is below Honda's suggested retail price. You could poke around to see if ther's any better I suppose. I'm a strong supporter of buying from a dealer. Honda's dealer network, and the support they offer is pretty hard to beat. Plus, John Deere power equipment dealers will be carrying Honda equipment, though I'm not fully aware of the details of that arrangement.

Let us know how things go.
Welcome to MyLawnmowerForum, 'OldFarmer! :) Glad to have you here and I second the guys, thank you for your service as well! I always appreciate WWII vets, my late Grandpa served and I miss hearing all of his stories. It was such a meaningful event in his life.

Anyway, a Honda is an excellent choice. The quality of them is very hard to surpass and they are the type of machine that'll run forever as long it's kept up on maintenance.

I don't think you will be dissapointed with it at all. They are very smooth and easy to opperate mowers. They are also pretty quite and really easy to start as well. The particular model that you are considering is fairly light weight (don't worry, in a good way) which is really nice for maneauvering around obsticals. Overall, Honda mowers were built to last and have the quality to back it up. As I've always said, I always consider them to be the Lexus of walk-behind mowers.

Hope you stick around and I look forward to following your proceedings! :)
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