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Old lawn boy mower

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I am new on the forum, so bear with me. This is a 1951 or 1952 Lawn Boy which my dad bought for $99.00 in PA. I do not know if it will run or not, ran the last time I used it 10 or 15 years ago. As you can see it has a piece out of the casing and the left front wheel casing was cracked & my dad put a steel bracket inside & it worked fine after that repair. I have the service manual & operating instructions for the mower and the Iron Horse motor. The mower is a Model 8FH10LB. If anybody has additional info on this mower I would appreciate it. I am planning on selling it, put I have know idea what it is worth. If anybody has any idea what it is work, let me know. I do have a few more photos.


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Old lawn boy mower - ADDITIONAL INFO

I am very sure it is a 1953 Model 8EH10LB mower manufactured by RPM Manufacturing Company and has an Iron Horse motor made by RPM and the gas tank strap is stamped with MOD A10 SER 001152. I just need to decide what to sell it for.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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