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I second Orangedotfever's reply. Garden Tractors (GTs) are designed for ground engaging activities. They are really a little cumbersome to mow with if you have many obstacles in your yard. There are a lot of mowers out there that look like tractors. Mowing with a tractor is a little like steering a boat. You kind've swerve around obstacles (trees and buildings) and then have to jockey manuver your mower to get the parts you missed or come back to them later with a trimmer. They DO make a mower that is designed to actually mow your yard. It's called a ZTR. You mow with it the same as you would with a push mower. You mow until you come to an obstacle, you trim around the obstacle, and then you move back to your pattern. You can mow around the property or you can mow back and forth. You can even mow on a diaganal if that is your preference. ZTRs and GTs are more expensive than Lawn Tractors (LTs), but this really is a case of "you get what you pay for." IMHO, if you can't afford a new one, (ZTR or GT) finding a good used one in the same price range as a new LT would be a better choice.
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