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Oil Leak Tecumseh Lv195EA

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Toro Recycler Model #20005. Need to replace the Mounting Flange Gasket (Drawing= #69 / Part # 37609) due to bad oil leak. Seems like a straight forward disassemble. Concern is reassembly due to oil pump assy and Governor shaft & spool. Will these stay in place & aligned when I pull the Flange mounting (Part # 37608) to replace the gasket. Any other "warnings" ? Should I give it a rest and let a Pro do it ? Thanks in advance !


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Just found a similar thread on covering the gasket replacement on a Tecumseh VLV66 would seem to almost identical with regards my reassembly concerns. Any comments issues between the two engines ?
It is pretty much right on and staight forward.
The biggest thing is make sure everything is very very clean.
Its all very simple.
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