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oil consumption problem with snapper RER

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i have a 1984 snapper RER model 300919B with a B&S 9.5 HP. Needless to say the mower is still performing well, how ever i end up having to add oil after each mow, approx 4-6 oz.... what is strange and has me baffled is:
1- the motor runs strong
2- no visible smoke from the exhaust ( even held hand over exhaust to see if i could get some oil spray on hand- nope)
3- no visible oil anywhere on floor after mower sits for a week
4- looked under motor , see no oil signs under motor or on gear assy etc.

Any thoughts ideas what the problem might be or how to identify it ?
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Welcome to the forum, cfsimon927 !

Want my best guess?

Think it's possible that you're running slightly too much oil in the crank case? I ask this due to a friend who has an older B&S that complained of the same problem and he ran it low to see it it would drop anymore than it did. Yep, his dip stick was a liar. Never used any oil after that.

His was siphoning through the vacuum into his foam/paper filter element in the air cleaner. Hardly noticeable at first. We punched a new mark on his dip stick and he never had another problem.

I hope it's something simple. I'm sure others may have a better response than mine ;)...
I had to get readjusted when I bought a Deere with a Kohler engine. You leave the dipstick unscrewed on it for measurement. My 3 Briggs engines all need the dipstick screwed in on them. Still have to stop and think once in awhile when checking it. :bag:

My guess would be at that age it is getting past the piston rings. It is strange though that you don't at least smell it. I can generally smell it even before I can see it.
THX Mark777 - i will give it a try won't hurt for one mow
to be honest mark/ohio not sure if i screwed it in all way, but will double check next time i mow...
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