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Hello, I am just about to begin renovation for the old Norlett lawnmower from early 1980s, and i am going to put new engine to the old good body. I got this lawnmower for free, and it was going to the scrapyard. It was sitting and waiting long time outside, under the rains and other things. Then i got the change to have this lawnmower to my house and i started to look about what i just got. Well the engine was too far gone, it was 3,5hp B&S engine vertical pull start. The mower was once "self-pulling" via front wheels, but now there was nothing left this system on the body, just some extra holes and brackets. Also there was extra axle coming out from the engine, for the front wheel pulling system via chain. Also the mower is once re-painted, but the paint itself is not so good, and color is not for my taste. But body itself is good, nothing broken, very strong and good body. So i took the old engine away from the body, and went to the garden tools-shop, to ask new engine. They got one, really really nice Brigg-Stratton Classic 3,5hp (engine is made 2006) and it was last this type engine in the shop. I was very happy that i could buy this engine, because i like more these old flat-head type engines. About my plans now, i am going to clean the body, paint it with some similar color that Norlett used to use these lawnmowers back to the late 1970s or early 1980s. Also i will use primer of course under the main paint. Also i will check carefully if there is something that need to repair on the body, and i am ready to repair if need. When all paintwork is ready, i will attach the new engine to the body. Right now, i am not sure if the new blade i bought, fit, but if not, then i can use old blade, which seems to be just fine condition, just some sharpen will need. I will add project photos to this thread, when i have something new to show. Today i took firsts few project photos, the firsts small parts getting the primer, photo about the mower-body which is waiting cleaning, and also photo about the new engine which is waiting also. This project will be my winter project, so i have no hurry, and i try to do good work. I will not reach professional level finish, but i will do my best. Really happy to save one old lawnmower.

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Looks like a great project. You’ll find several people here with the same sort of appreciation for older style mowers and engines. So help yourself in looking around, and keep us posted on your restoration progress.
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