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I put the description of my problem on the new member board. So I thought I would get more of a response here. My 2007 TroyBilt Super Bronco started making a whining noise sometime back and after a lot of research and a conversation with a mower parts house employee he told me of a cause and a remedy. He said the grease in the transaxle has stiffend up over time and the main gear has cut a path through it and it no longer gets lubricated. He said a common work around rather than a major disassembly job is to drill a hole in the housing and add some 00 Wt. grease which is not solid and it will flow down inside the housing and lube the gears. That being said I have found the grease and am contemplating drilling a hole. My question is where to drill without damaging any internal gears.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, ectex1963. The oddest thing I ever turned wrenches on was Atomic Warheads. U. S. Nuclear Forces, 1963-1966.
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