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No starting on my trim cutter Z4200

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Hey guys kinda new to the lawn mower world and to the forums but I picked up a toro trim cutter Z4200 model #74360 with the kohler engine model number #SV590-0212. Just a few things wrong maybe you guys can help me out.

When you turn the key you just hear a click, but if you bypass the starter solenoid and hot wire the starter wire with the pos battery cable the start engages and cranks. The motor has good compression and getting air to it however, not getting spark has a new spark plug. I disconnected the wire on the ignition coil to see if I can get it to spark and still cant so I think I need to replace the coil. Also having a hard time getting the fuel to flow from the tank to the motor replace the fuel filter and having a hard time getting fuel to flow. Not sure if it needs a new fuel pump or if the motor just needs to run for a second to suck the fuel in.

So I guess my question is what do you guys think it can be as far as turning the key and all that happens is a click? Any ideas were to start I checked most of the wires replaced the relay and starter solenoid. Then do you guys think the coil is bad also and any suggestions with what's going on with the fuel? Ive notice to there a fuse box that holds four fuses but only two fuses are there should there be fuses in all 4 spots? Thanks guys
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Welcome to MLF. I'm not at my computer right now but hopefully someone will
jump in and throw you a couple of ideas at you. A lot of folks are out and about but usually check in. Thanks!
Welcome Toro!

Unfortunately I'm not at my computer either but you might find a service manual for that engine on Kohler's engine website to help with the no spark issue. Since you have already replaced the start relays and solenoid I would look real close at the wires. One thing you could do would be to measure your voltages at the solenoid and starter while trying to crank it. That should tell you where your losing the voltage.
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