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Newie From Ct saying hello!

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hello all,
newb here saying hello. i've been over at my tractor forum for some time. i recently picked up a couple of old walk behind mowers while picking up some scrap metal. one is a 51-53 eclipse lark and the other is a homko 18. the homko is complete and seems to have compression so i'm going to try to get that one going and keep it as a back up . the eclipse is not complete , but alot of it is there. i thought someone might need it for parts, rather than put it on the slow boat to china. anyway, i know you guys like pics so here you go.

hmmm, pics seem to upload, but dont seem to be posting....? anyone...?
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:welcome: to the site! We're glad you made your way over here!

Those are a couple of neat vintage mowers that you picked up! There are some other Eclipse fans here as well and hopefully they will chime in. Have you come across AngelFire site before dedicated to vintage Eclipse mowers? If not, you might find it interesting?

Is your Homko a reel as well? They made some neat looking models back then also.

You can upload photos a couple of different ways. You can either click on the paperclip (which = attachment) next to the smilie face at the top of the reply screen and go through the steps to upload your photos there, or, you can copy the IMG(s) from a hosting site such as Photobucket and post them into your posts here. The latter of the two options makes the photos larger so you don't have to click on them to bring them to their full size (within reason of course). ;) Let me know if it is still giving you trouble there.

Again, thanks for joining and looking forward to hearing about your machines. :)
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Welcome Al! I look foward to seeing the pictures!
the homko is an 18" rotary mower. As far as not being able to upload pics, it's the same here as over at MTF , and i'm able to post over there so ??? i go to either manage attachments, or the paperclip, i hit browse, pic a pic, hit upload, then down below all the pic data seems to be there, then when i close the window and hit preview post....nothing. i uploaded them to my photobucket album. i will copy and paste the link to each below. but it would be nice to figure out why it's not working direct from my pc

homko18 pictures by mikes88troop - Photobucket

51-53 eclipse lark pictures by mikes88troop - Photobucket

ps- oh, and thanks for the angelfire link. i found a fair amount of info on the eclipse, and it seems there is a following for those, but not much on the homko, other than people selling ads for it on ebay.
Thats a nice mower Al, I like the "toothed look" in the front.

I'll play with the pics over here and see if they are working for me and I'll let you know.
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This is a cool mower!
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Al, try posting a pic again and see if she'll work for you. I copied your PB pic and she loaded just fine.
Cool mowers!

They look like fun projects.
Welcome to the forum Al! Gotta love those old mowers with teeth. :cool
no luck on the pics. i thought it may be a browser issue, so i tried it from 3 different browsers , and still no luck. what i'm getting is an "http 500 internal error" message....what's weird is it's just here i cant post. mtf, craigslist, other online forums, problem.....?

so can anyone tell me what the "teeth" on my homko 18 were all about?
I believe they were for helping knock down/slice through tall grass before the actual blade reached it in an attempt to get a more sufficient cut. :cool:
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