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Newbie with an Issue

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Hi gentlemen! I am new to the forum. I have a Poulan Pro mower from about 2006. I have had zero issues until recently. I replaced the blade a few weeks ago and it filled up my mower with oil. The air filter had quite a bit of oil in it, the carb is right by the air filter so I believe that it also has oil in it. The engine is running really crappy. I have tried to run some cleaners through the gas and all I get is reving and I can tell a huge lack of power. I believe I need to clean out the carb, but wanted to know if there was anything else I need to be looking at to clean and or replace. The last time I took off the blade for sharpening, nothing like this happened.
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Welcome to the forum, KingZeke!

Is this a walk behind or ride on mower?

I'd be suspicious of the crankcase vent/vacuum siphoning oil into your intake. This is just a guess, but it would explain many things, including poor performance.

Has it been difficult to start since discovering all of the oil in the breather? Removing and inspecting the carburetor is a good place to start.
Hi Mark and thanks. This is a walk behind, power rear wheels. It has easy start, meaning I just pull back on the choke, it starts right up and slowly lets the choke out on its own. It sputters a little, what I notice most is the rpm going up and down and the lack of power. Normally once the choke is off, the mower is quite powerful.
Just wanted to stop in and welcome you KingZeke and welcome to the forum.
:howdy::welcome: to MLF. First things first, what engine do you have and what are the numbers off of it. Briggs usually have a model/type/code stamped on the blower housing somewhere. Tecumseh usually have a label with the model and spec number. This information will go a long way in helping pinpoint your problem.
I will have to look on the machine. I will try and get that information this weekend.
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