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Newbie - cub cadet leaving marks

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I just bought a brand new cub cadet twin cylinder ride on mower.

I've cut the lawns fine but my tires are leaving black tread marks on two of the fancy patios - I am going very slow careful not to turn sharply. What's going on here?

I put more air into the tires think they may be soft but no difference.

How do I remove these marks - customer has already trie to scrub off with soap/water. Suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
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Have the dealer fix it. CC either has the tow in set wrong, the spindles are bent or the front axle is bent. None are acceptable and you should not be the one fixing it. Roger
"Ride on" as lawn tractor or zero turn? If lawn tractor I'd agree with rhenning. If zero turn there is no alignment as the wheels are independent and its a matter of the rears from tight turns,the nature of a zero turn.

Too much air in the tires might create a traction problem in grass. On the rears that is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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