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New to the forum, I own a 2006 HRR216K3VXA, S/N begins with 729. No troubles so far, just reg maintenance.

This year it took 4-5 pull to get it started, a new E3 brand plug, fresh oil, and air filter solved that problem, it now starts as quickly as when new, i.e, first pull. Yea!

Back in 2007 had the Roto-Stop replaced in warranty as part of a recall, along with a Smart Drive update, now I'm considering blade replacement or sharpening.

Took a look underneath and the blades do not look bent or too dinged, and mows my Bermuda quite well. I like to mulch and the clippings I see left on the lawn look pretty evenly chopped up.

So my question is: am I best to leave well enough alone or should I attempt a DIY sharpening, or instead, a routine blade replacement?

Also is there a link anywhere to a n/c shop manual? I tend to be a tinkerer and even if I don't undertake a repair, I like to look at service or shop manuals to "see what makes it tick." I find it helps me to understand the type of machinery I use better if I know the layout of components and parts.

Appreciate any comments or advice, good forum too, I look forward to checking in often!
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:welcome:Greetings and welcome to the forum, erniegiro; we're glad you found us! There are a few Honda pros around here that will be glad to help you with any questions you have concerning you're lawnmower.

As far as sharpening the blades, I would say you should sharpen them now rather then wait longer. If the sharpness is worn off the cutting edge of the blade it will soon start ripping the grass off rather that cutting it and will not give a satisfying cut quality. Take a look at the PDF attatched below if you need any pointers on how to sharpen the blade. Your lawnmower blade should probably be sharpened at least once a season.


There are some great tips here, and also a lot of detail in the owner's manual (here's a link to get one: Honda Power Equipment - Owners Manuals) on sharpening blades. Key points are:

• Use a block of wood between the blades and discharge chute to keep them from turning when you remove the two blade bolts. Wear heavy gloves!
• Sharpen to about 30-40 degrees bevel. Don't get a razor-edge, as this will allow the blade to chip and dull easily.
• Remove equal amounts of material from both sides; use a dowel or screwdriver in the middle hole to check balance.
• Because the blades are engineered to be part of the engine/crankshaft for overall structure and support, always use a torque wrench to correctly tighten the blade bolts; for your mower, the torque should be 49~59 Nm (36~43 ft-lb).

If you get new blades, here are the part numbers; pretty much any Honda dealer and most Home Depot's have them in stock:
Upper: 72531-VE2-020
Lower: 72511-VE1-020

If you need to find a dealer in your area, go here:
Honda Power Equipment - Find a dealer

[email protected]

Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding was my opinion alone.
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Welcome to MLMF erniegiro. Honda makes some fine power equipment. I'm a big fan of them myself. Wayne's guide to sharpening blades is a good one, and like Robert points out, the owner's manual is a great place for information.

Full on shop manuals are great resources, and there happens to be one on ebay for a pretty good price right now.

Honda Push Mower HRR216K3VXA OEM Shop Manual | eBay

You can't beat getting them straight from the source either. Check out the hondapepubs store on ebay, there might be a shop manual there too.

manuals, wiring items in Honda Power Equipment Publications store on eBay!
Hey, thanks for the replies and welcomes, and Robert, the parts numbers. You all have convinced me to either sharpen or replace the blades, so I have a date with my Home Depot, and price blades vs. sharpening equipment. I also appreciate the links to the shop manuals!

Hope you all have good weather and a good weekend in which to power up your mowers!
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