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Recently picked up a model 8240 for $15.00, which was sitting at the end of someones yard. Started right up and ran fine, if not a bit loud. Replaced the plug, found a NOS replacement muffler on the net, new blade, and opted for steel replacement wheels. Cleaned the air filter and removed excess dirt with engine cleaner. The deck has a very small crack on the outside edge, where Lawn Boys typically rub fences. I've heard of a product called Alumaloy, sort of like a braze, with which I plan to make the repair. The latch to keep it out of self-propel mode is broken, but, despite the fact that the rollers are very worn, it propels itself very well. I really like this mower but I've come to learn about the dreaded "BBC", which I must admit, is a concern. Any advice/opinions are welcomed.
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Welcome Oil, nice to have you aboard here :).
When I lived in the suburbs back in the seventies I bought both Lawn boys and Toros, had to have the electric start models for the cool factor and to out do the neighbors..... :p

Both were excellent Lawnmowers but I think the Lawn boy gave a better cut.

I did have one Lawn-boy with a pull starter for a short time, my first one. I didn't like the pull starter on them though, if you weren't careful and pulled the rope all the way to the end the rope's spool would break.

Good luck with your mower Oilingas .
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to MLMF!!
Welcome Oilingas!

Happy to have you on board., forgive my ignorance but what is the dreaded "BBC" (Big Block Chevy) :)?

Thanks guys, I feel at home already.

Mark777; in response to Federal Saftey Mandates, LB designed a system to stop the blade but allow the engine to remain running. The first year and model to have this wonderful new technology is my '83 8240. I've heard horror stories about repairs, LB will still sell you the entire unit for $348.00. So, needless to say, should it fail, my 8240 is probably scrap. That is, unless someone on the site might help. For now though, it's clear sailing.
Oops!?! - Blade Brake Clutch

Had a LB with a BBC (neighbor was going to junk it so I took it) put a new muffler on it and new wheels. Tune it up starated on first pull. Ran good but I had the same issue. Bought a replacement BBC control for the handle and installed it but could never get it to stay latched.

Finally gave it to a neighbor for his garage sale which was to make $ for Cancer.

Don't miss it.

Still have my 5247, 0292 and 10424. Guess 3 is enough.
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