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I have a John Deere LA145 48" and a Husqvarna 46" that I alternate between to cut my 1 acre property. Typically I will have an issue with one of them and I'll use the other until I get around to fixing it. I acquired the JD from the previous owner of my house since I moved from the city to the "country", and didn't own a mower. I found someone nearby selling the Husqvarna for $150 because the rear/transmission became disconnected from the frame, which I fixed by buying two $.50 bolts at the hardware store.

My issue is between these having issues, and the slow cutting speed, I need to move more quickly. I have two small kids and I just need to be able to get the lawn done in under one hour. I want to buy new to get 0% financing and be more trouble free. I had a 2021 Big Dog 54" picked out for $3100 and it was sold before I got to it. Then I found a 2021 Hustler Raptor X 54" for $3300 and it too got sold. OK The big question... the dealer has a 2016 Raptor Limited 52" leftover new in stock with the Kohler 7000 engine for $3100 down from original $3400. Why is this leftover still sitting around after 4+ years? Is it a bad deal? Should I just wait for stock to come back for the 2021 models that are around the same price?

I think the Big Dog mowers had a better warranty, but other than that they seem to be the same mowers. I'm willing to consider any other options, but want USA made.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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