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Please check out my photos. I need help to identify this lawn mower I found under my home. We have searched the internet for days and have very little luck. We are in Ohio. It has the name Huffman on it, and we did find some info on Huffman lawn mowers patient date 1955 and location of the plant in Celina Ohio. We aren't sure if this is the same one. Went to our local lawn mower sales place and the guy nearly laughed me off the lot saying, "They didn't make electric lawn mowers in 1955. so ok I don't know anything about lawn mowers but I do want to know the history of this one. I want to know if it is just a rusty hunk of junk or worth restoring, btw it still runs, couldn't believe it, plugged it in and it started right up. Thank you all in advance

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Neat mower. :cool
I would clean it up and restore it since it still works and there cannot be too many of them around.

Huffman Manufacturing was originally in Dayton, OH. better known now as Huffy mowers and bicycles:

"Then, in 1949, the company ran into the postwar recession. However, two developments allowed the company to survive. First, the Huffy convertible bicycle was introduced and was instantly popular. The bike also brought the name Huffy to the forefront of the bicycle industry. The second development occurred as a result of the company's search for a product that could be manufactured during the winter months. The decision to produce lawnmowers was announced in December 1949."

Snip above from: History of Huffy Corporation - FundingUniverse

A patent for a cord extender: Lawn mower handle extension for electric cord

Since yours does not have the handle cord extender I would guess it to be 1949-52 time frame. But that is only a guess.

Here's an ad for your mower in April 1953 Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics - Google Books

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