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New member just joined

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Hi All:
My name is Rob and I am in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. about a year ago I started to tinker with an old mower someone gave me. I got it running and now word had spread and I get people giving me mowers they dont want (or destined for the land fill) I try and fix them up and re-sell them. I am self taught in this hobby and learn by trial and error, so I'll probably be posting a lot for help. LOL

thanks, take care
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Hey, welcome to the forum from your fellow lawnmower enthusiasts!

Make yourself right at home and enjoy your time here! Can you tell us any more about your current project(s)?
Hi Ponchez, and welcome to MLMF! Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Great that others are bringing you more projects. Like Wayne said, we'd like to see and hear more about them, and about Red Deer too.:welcome:
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