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New member hydro trans help

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Hi i am posting on here for the first time so thanks for any help in advance. My Dad gave me a 1995 Toro/wheelhorse 1544 HXL with a Hydrostatic trans it had been sitting behind his garage under a tarp for the last 10 years or so. He parked it and bought a new mower because it started leaking oil. The bolts that held the bottom pan of the engine had worked loose. I took the engine out removed the bolts and put lock washers on them and tightened them down. This cured the oil leak, but my problem is this thing goes great forward but will not do anything in reverse could anyone give me an idea of what the problem could be?
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First off, :welcome:
Glad you found us!

OK, now the tractor, did you check the linkage, pulleys and belts? If she's been sitting for 10 years, the belts could be old, stretched out and slipping.

If you can post the model and serial # (The one on the tag, usually under the seat or hood) it will give me a better idea exactly what you have.

Thanks for responding the model#is 71192 serial# is 5902292.
Have you checked the fluid in the hydro? Also, does it make any noises when you push the reverse peddle? It could be an issue with the belt(s) slipping badly when you push it down. I would also check and work the linkage to see if anything is binding up.
Thanks, I'm researching it now.
What I'm thinking is there is excessive slippage of the belt on the pulley, but make sure the linkage is free and not binding and that the bypass rod is not partially pulled out or engaged. Try those first otherwise it may be internal. Let us know what you come up with.
As Austen stated, checking the fluid, there is no dipstick and these units are considered to be non-serviceable they are if you know where to go and what to do. You can check the fluid level from the vent tube on the top. should be a plastic fitting with a hose and a cap on the end. FIRST clean the area then remove the vent tube from the base and using a mirror and a flashlight check to see if you have fluid. Its usually 20w-50 and depending on the model the level should be @ 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the top of the hole.

See if you can the model #. Its usually on a white sticker on the tranny itself unless someone peeled it off.
Hey thanks for the help I actually got a slight bit of movement in reverse. I think you are right about the drive belt slipping. I am going to install a new one I will let you know what happens. Thanks again!
Good deal! Give us an update when you get her going!

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