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Hey Guys, I am a new member here and came over from MTF.

Brad directed me over here.

Im 19 and have been enjoying tractors for awhile now.

My current lineup is in my Sig.

I have a
John deere 455 diesel GT
and a 317

I restored the 214 and the 317, and the 455 is the workhorse.
I am almost finishing up building the cab for my 455.
I have built a mini loader for it similar to the Buford Bucket.

Here are a few pictures of them.


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:welcome: to MLMF! Glad you joined!

Wow, you sure did an amazing job restoring your JD's! They look beautiful to say the least. Definitely something to be proud of!:cool keep us posted on your cab project, what a great build.

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself, posting the pics and joining!

Looking forward to chatting with you.

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Hey, there, Dan. Glad you made it over. Nice to have you here.

Nice job on those GT Restorations. I can attest to a couple that I've seen in person.

Have fun on MLMF!

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Welcome aboard Dan! I enjoyed seeing your resto threads and look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Maybe even a red or yellow tractor..:dunno: Just a thought!:)
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