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New Member From MTF

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Hey Guys, I am a new member here and came over from MTF.

Brad directed me over here.

Im 19 and have been enjoying tractors for awhile now.

My current lineup is in my Sig.

I have a
John deere 455 diesel GT
and a 317

I restored the 214 and the 317, and the 455 is the workhorse.
I am almost finishing up building the cab for my 455.
I have built a mini loader for it similar to the Buford Bucket.

Here are a few pictures of them.


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:welcome: to MLMF! Glad you joined!

Wow, you sure did an amazing job restoring your JD's! They look beautiful to say the least. Definitely something to be proud of!:cool keep us posted on your cab project, what a great build.

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself, posting the pics and joining!

Looking forward to chatting with you.
Hey, there, Dan. Glad you made it over. Nice to have you here.

Nice job on those GT Restorations. I can attest to a couple that I've seen in person.

Have fun on MLMF!
Welcome aboard Dan! I enjoyed seeing your resto threads and look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Maybe even a red or yellow tractor..:dunno: Just a thought!:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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