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New LTX1045 - possible issue.

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Today I purchased a new Cub Cadet LTX1045 from Home Depot. I checked things out pretty good at the store as far as making sure the fluids seemed proper, no obvious construction issues, and it would crank easy and idle properly... but there was a good bit of traffic in the parking lot so I did not actually drive it around. While I was finishing up the purchase the workers loaded it onto my trailer.

When I got it home and backed it off of the trailer I quikly noticed a strange sound when I pushed the peddle to go in reverse... the sound seemed like a squeal or a high pitch grind. When I push the gas peddle to go forward or reverse it makes the same sound... sometimes rather loudly. It also makes the sound when it comes to a stop when i let off of the gas peddle.

I plan to take it back to Home Depot and let them check it out but I am curious to draw on the forums knowledge before I do so. I don't know if this is something common that "breaks in" or if I really have an issue. I want to get advice and maybe some ammunition in case I wind up working with someone at Home Depot that tries to give me the run around.

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Welcome to the site! :)

I agree with Bruce's points. It sounds like it could be the transmission, or any number of things related to it. Being that it is a brand new machine and you literally just got it, I would personally would not touch anything and simply take it back.

Keep us udpated!
I agree and sorry to hear about what happened! I would look into a purchasing from a dealer as they tend to be easier to work with and you have a lot more support.
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