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New Jacobsen 16" hand mower

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Picked this up the other day. It's a Jacobsen 16" hand mower, Model 161. These were made between 1948 and 1950, so it will fit in perfectly with my motorized Jake reels. I think a little clean up and a little lube will be all it needs.
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That's awesome that you found one! I bet it's neat to finally have one in your hands.

How do you like it compared to the Eclipse push mowers?
Actually had a chance to get two of them. Both showed up on Craig's List and were in places in Wisconsin along the route I drive.

It is pretty neat. It's not near as heavy as the Eclipse reels. Each of the Eclipse are made up with lots of cast parts while the Jacobsen is all stamped steel.
That's neat, it looks just like the ones we see in the brochures and ads.

Do they have an id tag similar to the power mowers?
Hey, congratulations! Nice new machine you got there.
Like the Bantam, it has a tag mounted up between the handles. They were made by Jacobsen's subsidiary company, the Johnston Lawn Mower Corporation, that Jacobsen had acquired just to have the steel push mower in their line. I like the blue and orange color combination.

I adjusted the roller to get it to it's highest cutting height and was surprised it was all the way up to 2 1/4" which is pretty high for reels.

The fellow I got this one from had just picked up an 18" Pacer that turned out to be a 1962. It was in fantastic shape with all the decals and tread on the tires. He hadn't tried to start it, but it sure didn't look like it would have taken much to get it running. He offered it to me and it was tempting, but I had to say no.
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