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New Guy with 111

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:howdy:Hello everyone, Well I just aquired a 111 from an Aunt which she no longer needed. Mostly good shape, the Ex said it ran last year, looks like her Ex "Modified" the wiring harness some . Not sure of the year yet, I just picked it up yesterday, so let the fun begin.
Plans.....Get it running,,,, install a new wiring harness, if I can locate one, then continue to make it look great while still using it..
He put a push button started button on it and looks like an Ameter on the Battery hold down?? was that an addition or ir is original??
I will post a picture tomorrow or as sson as I can..
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Your JD dealer can sell you a wire harness. All of the work done was add ons. Roger
Welcome to the forum, mreese, and congratulations on the JD 111!

I'll be looking forward to seeing some photos of it soon.
Here it is ,, slow start to getting it going work has been mad house. the PO has a push button mounted near the ignition switch which operates the starter only and that looks to be a butchered wire harness from some where and also an Ammeter added on the battery hold down, so I still have to sort those out,, this weekend after my son's Eagle Scout Ceremony I will be attacking it


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Neat machine, thanks for the photo! I've always liked the sturdy feeling of the 111's. The hood and everything just has a nice heavy feel to it compared to a lot of the newer machines of today.

Good luck on the project and keep us updated! :)
SO I was bored out in the garage tonight


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Well, it runs pretty good!!! took the deck off to start the cleaning and all , got it running took around the yard a few times. Compared to the LA1?0 my inlaws have and the Murray it is replacing, like night and day difference, very smooth , although a bit more tippy on my couple of steep areas I have, but that was with out the deck so....
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