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new guy here

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Hi, my name is Bruce. I hope to learn alot here and help out when I can. I have been working at a small hardware with a mower service dept for about ten years.
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Welcome to the forum Bruce! :)
Welcome! Glad you found us and jumped in. Enjoy your visits.
Hello Bruce and welcome to MLMF!

I learned allot about small engines and repair when I worked for a hardware store (too). It was many years ago and many changes to that industry....All the basics are pretty much the same with two and four cycle engines, thank goodness :).

I'll be looking forward to future posts!

Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome to the forum Bruce, good to have you with us.:D
Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your time here!
Hi Bruce Welcome to the forum
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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