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New fur on board

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Hey guys.
New here, obviously. I moved into a new house this summer and was just able to get a decent used mower. Right when I don't need it. So I thought I would join up and maybe get some tips and help getting her running right and staying well maintained. It is a 2001 Lawn Boy Silver Pro 10247.

So I will post up a thread and some pics and see what you all have to say. Thanks for letting me join in your community here.
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Welcome the MLF!

Looking forward to hearing more about your mower! Let us know what the issues are and we would be glad to offer some suggestions! :)
Sounds like a good machine there. As Austen says, let us know of any issues and questions and we'll get you up and running well before the grass grows.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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