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New forum means I can buy a new Lawnboy!

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Well, today I was browsing around the 'net at what was for sale locally and found a 'non-running' model 680553 for $25.00. I was lucky, I was able to sneak it home just as the wife was driving down the road in the opposite direction! She was just telling me last week that I was to buy no more mowers!! LOL :D

Anyway, I can't read the first digit of the decal on top of the recoil but I think it's S19ZPN, but at the Lawnboy site I had to enter it as 680553 to find the info as the S19 models search ends at 1991, but by the serial number mine is a 1992.

When I got it home I pulled the plug and it was fouled up pretty bad. I drained the fuel and put new fuel in the tank, installed a CJ14 plug, took the Walbro carb apart, cleaned it and checked all the settings, sharpened the blade, and took off the muffler and cleaned the carbon out. Once I had everything back together I pulled the cord and it fired right up and runs very niiiiiice! I was just going to buy it for spare parts for my C21CPN, but it runs so nice I may just switch engines with my C21CPN and keep the 680523 as a spare. It just doesn't sound as nice as the engine on the C21, maybe different size decks have different exhaust tones? That solves my other problem from the MTF forum where I was working on a 19" mower with a D600 engine; well now I have one with an F engine!


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Nice! its good to see these lawnboys being resurected. :)
You know, that's what I hate about Lawnboys. Every time I buy a "Parts Mower", a little tinkering and you have another runner! No such thing as a parts machine with them, I guess.....
Ain't that the truth Brad ... between LB's and Gravely's!! Those are the ones I keep. I re-sell the 6hp Craftsman's I find at the side of the road. They're usually in nice shape except the fuel bowl is full of crap. Clean the carb, change the plug and oil and away we go; more spare cash for LB's and Gravely attachments!
I just got a 10520 running and running well. Great mower. Shame they are out of business.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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