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Need some quick help with a belt problem

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hey all, forgive me but i am a total beginner with lawn mower knowledge/terminology....

i have an exmark walk-behind mower. i bought it used. i cannot find a model # or name anywhere on the mower, but it has a kawasaki motor and a very wide deck, if that helps.

my problem is that the belt under the motor, a somewhat small circular belt, falls off quite easily. i have tried putting it back on, but there are 2 issues:

1) it seems that it is pretty loose, no matter how i put it back on. could one of the pulleys be out of place?

2) i can't even figure out how to put it back on (how it goes around which pulleys). does anyone here have a diagram of how it should look? there are 3 pulleys, and i'm pretty sure it doesn't just fit around the outer edge of all 3, because one of the pulleys definitely should be touching the "outside" of the belt, not the inside, like the other 2.

as you can see i am pretty clueless. any advice would be much appreciated!!
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Might be someone that is familiar with Exmarks, but without a model number you may have a problem getting some clear advice. Might have to take it past a dealers and purchase a belt, and while there they may be able to show you the correct installation and tell you if there are some parts missing that would help keep the belt in place.
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