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Need new self propelled and narrowed it down to:

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Husqvarna HU800HW w/ Honda engine $419 at

Toro Super Recycler 20099 $520 online at Lawn Mowers, Garden Center, Tools & Supplies | O'Connor's Oklahoma City

Honda HRR216VKA $400 at Home Depot

Cub Cadet 98M w/ 173cc Kohler $399 at Tractor Supply with caster wheels - add $70 for full 4 year warranty thru them

Troy Bilt 12AKD39B011 $359 at Lowes

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So you're looking for some advice with which to narrow your list down further?

My top picks from your list are:

1- Toro Super Recycler

2- Honda HRR216VKA

I'm not implying that the others aren't worth taking a look at, but these are the two top ones as far as quality goes.

Probably the main factor in narrowing it down is determined by how much you would like to spend and which one you like best.:)
For the Honda, I'd also consider the HRR216VXA for $499 at Home Depot or Honda dealers. Compared to the VKA, the extra $100 gives you Roto-Stop (blade brake clutch - blade stops but engine keeps running when you release the handle), wheels that are 1 inch bigger, and a 2-position adjustable handle. Depends if those features are worth the money to you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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