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Need help with Hydraulic cross-reference

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My woods mower is calling for Mobile DTE 26 Hydraulic oil and I did some research and found out its a ISO 68 oil and I found at Tractor supply Mystik AW Hydraulic Oil ISO 68. Is this the same oil and can I use this. I cant find the mobile oil and the oil they have at the deal its a woods oil is 10 bucks a quart. The one at Tractor supply is 29 bucks for a gallon. Let me know if anyone knows if I can use this in my woods mower for my hydros.


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Just off of the top of my head, I know if the weights are the same and they have the same ratings they usually are compatible however I would need to look these up myself to confirm that and give you an answer on that. I have the same issue with my tranny fluid in my JD tractor, JD vs. Tractor Supply Big $ difference. Sometimes the owners manuals will give you what you need to look for reference what type of fluid to get, not necessarily by brand , but just weight or type.

NAPA is pretty good about carrying different types of mobile products too if you'd rather stay with Mobile.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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