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Hello all,

So I own a 80's or 90's lawn boy LT12 riding mower that originally came with a Briggs 12hp engine. That one blew and I came across a 16 horse Kohler Command from a Craftsman rider. ( Engine Model # CV460S) Everything so far has physically fit; the motor fits under the hood and next to the battery and tank, and the original pulley fit right on to the new engine. The exhaust will need some work to fit but I will be tackling that soon.

My issue now resides in the wiring. The new engine has 5 wires going to a plug; black, white, green, red, and yellow. The existing plug coming from my mower has only two wires, a red and a white, both appearing to come from the light switch.

I'm pretty stumped on what everything should go to. I have connected the obvious, thicker red wire going to starter. That's all I've done. No wiring around the starter solenoid had been touched. I will attach a wiring diagram from a Ford LT12 which is the same mower, just different color and different decals,..and a diagram for the kohler engine. If anyone can figure this out or give me any assistance, that would be greatly appreciated.


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