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Need help to ID my inheritance . . .

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I inherited this walk-behind "brush-cutter" when I bought our house. The original owner said that it is a "D.R." machine. He didn't know the age or any other particulars. He said that he had used it recently to cut a trail through the woods behind the house.

I have found no identifying markings anywhere I've looked. Someone I showed it to said it looked like a "Bachtold" mower, but I haven't been able to match it up to anything I've found on-line. I'm wondering if it has any real value for restoring, parts, or a collector's item.

I would like to determine exactly what it is that I have, and then decide what to do with it as I don't really have the space to store something I don't use.


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Welcome to the group. Looks like they left you something pretty useful there. Obviously manufactured at a time when product safety were two words never used in the same sentence.

I think they told you right about it being a Bachtold Brothers mower.

Bachtold Bros. - ROOF Mowers

Don't know where you're at, but I've seen those go for some pretty good prices at farm auctions around my neck of the woods.

Here's a similar one.

Vintage Old Bachtold High Wheel Weed Mower. Kohler K161 Engine. | eBay
Thank you for the feedback. It does look a lot like mine, closer than anything else I've seen. Mine doesn't have a recoil starter, it is of the older type, an open pulley with a notch that one sets the knot of at the end of the rope into and winds the rope up and then pulls. I'm going to look closer at those pics later this PM.

Again, thanks for the feedback
No problem. You might try contacting them. Maybe they could help you identify it.
Batchtold I would say. Almost identical to one my Brother-in-Law has. Not too safe as mentioned!
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